The Defiance

Oceanfront Cottage

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The Defiance is a beautiful two story home located on Flood's Cove's main dock. Quite literally, the ocean freely flows under this building. However, if you are seeking an ocean view, the Defiance's 300 degree ocean views, from both stories, are just what you are seeking.

Historic Maine Cottage

The Defiance was built as a fish house circa 1780. The original owner of Flood's Cove, Captain Ambrose Simmons, would sail his two masted schooner, the S/V Pinkey, to the Grand Banks from the Defiance's dock. The dock was built with a bow in it so as to allow the S/V Pinkey to lie against the dock as the tide went out while the fish were removed from the schooner and loaded into the Defiance by way of a wide door in the middle of the cottage. In fact, you can still see the frame of those old loading doors today in the exterior wall of the dinning room.

The S/V Pinkey was tied, bow and stern to rings anchored in the rocks which surround the Defiance. These rings continue to exist and bear moot testament to our forefather's lives as fisherman.

Living Room with Stone Fireplace

The Defiance consists of a large living room with stone fireplace, dining room and a fully equipped kitchen on the first floor. The living room is a warm inviting spot. You can see the open ocean from the living room windows and enjoy the warmth of the fire on stormy nights. The living room has multiple chairs, both rocking and stationary. The living room flows into the dinning room that has a table that will easily seat six. The main entrance to the Defiance is into the dinning area. The fully equipped kitchen is to the left of the dinning area. 

Four Bedroom Cottage

There are four bedrooms located on the second floor. The bedrooms contain a queen bed, three single beds and an extra long single bed. Both the living room and two of the second floor bedrooms have access to the covered porches located on the ocean side of the Defiance.

Unique Features

One of the unique features of the Defiance is that the full bath is located in a building a few steps away from the Defiance's front door. Fully lighted, the walk to the bathroom is a throw back to an earlier age where everyone walked to the bathroom. Given the fact that the ocean flows under the Defiance, there is no other option but to have the bathroom located a few feet away.  However, if you want a quiet place to sit, read or think - the Defiance's full bath has to be experienced. . .

Boat Docks

While the Defiance is located on the main dock, there is a second dock located just to the left of the Defiance; on Ruby Rock. Ruby Rock is named for the small red garnets located in the stone which the children call rubies and dig for them for hours each day.  The second dock is used to launch small boats, such as kayaks.

Vacation on the Water

While Flood's Cove is a unique vacation destination, the Defiance is in a class unto itself. With its 300 degree views of the ocean and supported directly over the water, the Defiance is spectacular by anyone's definition. Come to the Defiance, sit back and enjoy your appetizers and wine on the dock while listening to the waves.

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