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On January 10, 1948 Everett Flood, responded to Doris Fales’ inquiry to him regarding staying in Flood’s Cove for the summer.  As some may recall, Doris Fales did come to Flood’s Cove that next summer and continued to come each summer until her death decades later.  Further, she was joined at Flood’s Cove by her life partner, for all that time.  These two women were artists who paid the children a few cents to provide them with interesting drift wood which they crafted into artistic displays.  They would also collect large hornet’s nests, separate the paper layers of the nests and use those grey paper layers to make beautiful lamp shades.  The Fales, as they were known by decades of Flood’s Cove children, were part of the fabric of Flood’s Cove for many years and were much loved by the entire Flood’s Cove community. Read the letter here.