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4th of July Picnic

Every 4th of July, Flood’s Cove is pleased to host an old style family party for everyone that is either renting a cottage, in the RV site or camping on the Island.  The party commences with the reading of the Declaration of Independence under the American flag that is waving on the flag pole.  It continues with a number of family fun events that include i) a large, multi-team, scavenger hunt for children up to the age of 18; ii) an epic tug of war using a very thick anchor line; and a hilarious egg toss that matches two lines of two partners who toss a raw egg back and forth to each other until there is only a single surviving egg and one victorious team.  The teams range from five year olds to 85 five year olds and there is a fair amount of broken eggs on the ground and upon the participants.  If this is not enough fun, an order for fresh lobsters is taken and over 100 are cooked outside in large washtubs, in sea water, over open flames.  Everyone is asked to bring a food dish that will be shared with everyone at Flood’s Cove.  The day ends with a large bon fire and a wonderful fireworks display.  If you are staying in Flood’s Cove on the 4th of July, bring your family, bring some food, bring some drinks and have lots of fun!  Make sure you enjoy the Independence Day family celebration!